Revamping of Machines & Equipment

We provide modifications for new operating conditions, modernization of machinery components, upgrading with new technology.

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Machinery and equipment refurbishment activities

Among other things, our company deals with repairs of machines and equipment of various types. In many cases, the same effect can be achieved as when purchasing new technology at a significantly lower price. Refurbished machines are then in a state of compliance with currently valid standards and improvements that increase their reliability and productivity.

Forming machines

Repairs and modernizations of forming machines are among the basic activities of our company.

Service and modernization of forming machines

We also provide nonstop service of equipment with immediate removal of unexpected errors. Great part of repairs is modernization of presses, change of gear and other parts of press, so that they meet the requirements of modern technology.

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Machine tools

We provide repairs and reconstructions of all types of machine tools & other working tools.


Other activities

We process drawing and accompanying documentation, acceptance documents and provide repairs and reconstruction of electrical equipment, electric drives, measurement and control and automated control system.

Other service & maintenance

In addition to preventive service, we also provide medium and general repairs, overhauls and repairs of machinery and equipment.


Preventive maintenance

Revision, inspection & diagnostics


Medium & Overhauls Repairs

Repairing services to make your machines and plants more profitable and efficient throughout their entire lifecycle


Repairs of Machines & Equipment

Repairing & Restoring damaged units


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