Spare parts and custom manufacturing

Manufacturing of spare parts and custom parts to our customer’s specifications


In this area we focus mainly on:

  • deliveries of complex machine groups for machines and equipment, including complete assembly
  • individual delivery of special parts - single-purpose equipment or production for older equipment
  • we provide custom manufacturing and re-engineering of various types of spare parts
  • project preparation, model design (SolidWorks program), production drawings (AutoCad)
  • production of parts and weldments from documentation supplied by the customer or processed by our staff
  • subsequent fitting of the device with hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical elements

Annealing industrial furnaces

Production, repairs and reconstruction of industrial furnaces belong to the traditional and supporting segments.

Annealing industrial furnaces

We mainly provide comprehensive services in the production, supply, repair, reconstruction, modernization and installation of industrial furnaces. Supply of steel structures, machine parts and the energy distribution. Recently, however, we have also been dealing with a new field - the supply of technologies for the use of waste heat.


Continuous heating industrial furnaces

Production, repairs and reconstruction of industrial furnaces belong to the traditional and supporting segments.


Continuous heating industrial furnaces

Part of the production program is the production and servicing of industrial furnaces with electric or gas heating. Furnaces from the company's production program are designed for heat treatment, especially in metallurgy.

Other machinery

In addition to metallurgy, we also supply to fields such as mining, energy, railways, we supply spare and special parts, we manufacture steel structures and we have a wide portfolio of production capacities.



Reconstruction and modernization of forming technologies



Production, repair and repair of parts and equipment for the mining industry


Power Industry

Supply of machine parts for power industry, customized to client



Production and repairs of railway vehicle parts


Steel structure manufacturing

Platforms and walkways, transport cages, containers, trailers, mining equipment – skips, cages


Technological capabilities

Grinding machines, profile grinding machines, milling machines, heat treatment furnace, hobbing machines, carusels


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