Technological capabilities

We have production capacities, such as grinding machines, profile grinding machines, milling machines, heat treatment furnace, hobbing machines, carusels, etc.


Our production arsenal includes machines for horizontal, vertical classic and NC turning, we also perform milling and boring on classic and NC machines, vertical drilling, planing, vertical shaping, grinding of rotating surfaces (horizontal and vertical), grinding of planar surfaces, machines for production of gears, we perform bending, bending and cutting of carbon and stainless steel sheets, welding and surfacing.

Milling and boring on conventional and NC machines

We have machines for a wide portfolio of milling and drilling.

Spindle diameter: 130 mm
Max. spindle extension: 700 mm
Max. bed travel: 8,600 mm
Max. travel on a stand: 2,500 mm
Max. workpiece weight: 12,500 kg
Machining roughness: 1.6


Horizontal turning

We have machines for a wide portfolio of turning.


Horizontal turning

  • Max. turning diameter above the slide: 950 mm
  • Max. turning length: 90,000 mm
  • Max. workpiece weight: 10,500kg
  • Machining roughness: 1.6

Other technological capabilities of Witkowitz Mechanica

Thanks to our own machines, we carry out most deliveries on our own without external suppliers.

Vertical classic and NC turning

Max. turning diameter above the slide: 1,600 mm
Max. turning length: 1000 mm
Max. workpiece weight: 5,000kg
Machining roughness: 1.6

Vertical drilling

Max. drilling diameter: 75 mm
Max. spindle axis offset: 1,750 mm
Max. spindle height to the table: 1,350 mm
Max. drilling depth: 380 mm
Machining roughness: 12.5


Max. workpiece width: 1,250 mm
Max. workpiece length: 6,000 mm
Max. workpiece height: 1.230 mm
Max. workpiece weight: 6,000 kg
Machining roughness: 3.2 (0.4 - grinding)

Vertical shaping

Max. stroke: 380 mm
Table adjustment:

  • transverse: 450 mm
  • to the machine: 560 mm
  • rotatable: 360 °
  • Machining roughness: 6.3

Grinding of rotating surfaces (vertical)

Max. grinding diameter external / internal: 1,000 / 900 mm
Max. grinding length external / internal: 400/350 mm
Max. external / internal workpiece weight: 500 kg
Machining roughness: 0.8

Grinding of planar surfaces

Table dimensions (W x L): 600 x 2,000 mm
Table load: 300 kg
Machining roughness: 0.4

Gear production

Max. outer / inner gear diameter: 800 mm
Max. workpiece length: 300 mm
Max. gear modulus: m = 10
Max. gear width: 200 mm
Machining roughness: 3.2

Bending, bending of carbon and stainless steel sheets

Max. width: P12 × 2000 mm. Depending on the width of the material, even thicker sheets can be bent and bent. Production of transitions from a square profile to a cylindrical profile. Production of conical transitions (by gradual bending as a thousand-edge).

Cutting of carbon and stainless steel sheets

Max. width: P12 × 2,000 mm

Welding, surfacing

Handheld without protective atmosphere of carbon and stainless steel
Hand in a protective atmosphere of carbon and stainless steel
Automatic under flux
Castors max diameter: 1,200 mm


  • max diameter: 590 mm
  • max. length: 6,500 mm
  • max weight: 5,000 kg

Last but not least, we perform renovations and rectifications of crane tracks and cranes, maintenance of cranes, maintenance of machinery.

Other machinery

Our technological capabilities enable us to supply industries such as mining, metallurgy, energy, railways, we supply spare and special parts and we manufacture steel structures.



Reconstruction and modernization of forming technologies



Production, repair and repair of parts and equipment for the mining industry


Power Industry

Supply of machine parts for power industry, customized to client



Production and repairs of railway vehicle parts


Spare parts and custom manufacturing

Manufacturing of spare parts and custom parts to our customer’s specifications


Steel structure manufacturing

Platforms and walkways, transport cages, containers, trailers, mining equipment – skips, cages


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